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The Fall

Estonia, March 1933

The viewing platform from below.

A senior policeman, Chief Inspector Vaher, is found dead on the roof of a kiosk below Toompea Hill in Tallinn; he has apparently fallen from the viewing balcony 30 metres above. The news is on the front page of a newspaper within a couple of hours.

Chief Inspector Jüri Hallmets is brought in from Estonia’s second city, Tartu, to investigate, and is given a team to work with. Meanwhile reporters Artur Simm and Jaan Kallas are carrying out their own investigations.

Hallmets and his team encounter a widow who’s not mourning, a family who may be up to no good, a right-wing organisation who may be plotting a coup, a lot of vodka whose origin is not clear, some policemen who think they’re above the law, petty criminals, slippery politicians and a professional killer, before they uncover the truth about Vaher’s death. And Simm and Kallas discover that looking for the truth can be dangerous.

And it’s a long way down.

The Fall is a tense thriller set in a time not dissimilar to our own, and concerns a man and a country trying to maintain their integrity in difficult times.

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