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Death in Tallinn: Reviews

1930s Estonia, a small country caught between two menacing powers

“Riveting from start to finish. And a real eye-opener about life in the small, newly independent country of Estonia in the dark years of the 1930s. Caught between the growing threat posed by Nazi Germany and the might of the Soviet Union, life wasn’t easy for the Estonians. I found the main character very plausible and really sympathised with him as he tried to maintain his integrity in such a difficult time. I also liked the unexpected Scottish connection. It’s unusual to come across a writer who seems to understand what was happening at that time in that country. I look forward to more from this author and this series.”

Reviewed by Karen Baird in the UK on 28 September 2020 5 stars

A Good Read

“Even if this adventure had not been set in pre-war Estonia, I would have enjoyed it for the good writing, intriguing characters and complex, but not ridiculous plot. Estonia is the icing on the cake. The Baltic countries very rarely feature in any novels and if their citizens do it is often as some exotically named minor characters with no back story and little appreciation of culture and heritage. I found this book very believable and convincing. Original too with the occasional Scots phrase to add zest.”

Reviewed by EV in the UK on 8 October2020 5 stars