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Winter Blood

Estonia, 1935

Retired General Madrus is found dead under the snow in front of his mansion, run through by his cavalry sabre. It seems at first that the general has fallen on his sword in the Roman tradition. However, when DCI Jura Hallmets is sent with his National Serious Crimes team to investigate, he’s not so sure.

Colonel Reinart of the political police is keen to know if the general’s death is due to his politics, especially as there’s a rumour of a plot against the current regime of dictator Konstantin Pats.

To confuse matters further, DCI Hallmets discovers that the general was writing his memoirs. Was there something in there that caused his death?

Further revelations and more deaths lead to a shocking and disturbing revelation.

Some comments from other authors on Winter Blood:

Winter Blood is a twisty and intriguing journey into 1930s Estonia, expertly plotted, and so well researched and described you can practically feel the icy air off the Baltic as you read.” G. R. Halliday

“A fascinating tale set in the dark days if inter-war Estonia. … Dark and disturbing and so cleverly plotted.” Marion Todd

“Ice, bullets and swords – a gripping investigation set in 1930s Estonia. Allan’s powerful writing brings history alive with a believable cast of characters steeped in the political machinations of the time. A must-read for fans of historical crime.” Andrew J. Greig

“Every crime fiction aficionado will love Allan Martin’s atmospheric Winter Blood.” John Fullerton

Winter Blood is published by Sharpe Books, and is available only on Amazon, as an eBook or paperback. Click here to see more.