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The Peat Dead: the story

Islay. A peat-cutter’s spade finds a human hand. A pointer to a crime. Inspector Angus Blue is sent from Oban to investigate. With the help of forensic archaeologist Alison Hendrickx, five corpses are revealed under the peat, unnamed victims of a ruthless killer. Blue builds his team: local police chief Moira Nicolson; ex-undercover agent Enver McCader; IT whizz Deirdra Craig; and car buff Arvind Bhardwaj.

Evidence points to a connection with a wartime RAF base. Painstaking research and interviews with elderly residents bring the peat dead back to life.

But revealing their story is dangerous, and someone is seeking, by any means possible, to to close down the investigation and suppress a long-buried secret. 

The Peat Dead.  History doesn’t go away.

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